Three To Read

My advisor, Prof Rob English, on Bernie Sanders’ foreign policy vision and the tradition of American realism. It is remarkable that the heritage of Kissinger, Scrowcroft and others should now be so dismissed by Republicans. It has always struck me how so many neocons seem to hold the view that the U.S. can’t build a healthcare system that covers everybody domestically but also think that military force can surgically reorder the entire Middle East politically. I would not call myself a “realist” in foreign policy terms, but the utter lack of humility or skepticism, and the untrammeled bluster and bravado that now passes for foreign policy chops, baffles me.

An old post on the ever-excellent Crooked Timber about libertarianism and the workplace which deserves a read. So much of our lives in spent at work and yet politics (and politicians) tend to talk so little about it. I have yet to get to the philosopher Alain de Botton’s book on the topic but hope to some day…

An interesting post on the Monkey Cage about changing attitudes towards abortion in the United States. This can also be read in terms of the larger debate about whether, and to what extent, American public opinion is polarizing.



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