Three to Read

The LRB has been on fire as of late. This article on the Iran-Iraq conflict and its legacy in the region is a great example of how the LRB refreshes parts other British periodicals can’t seem to reach. If you can find the letters to the LRB that the article inspired, I recommend those to you too.

Would the Trump voters show up? That was one of the big question before votes started being cast. Polls have had a rocky time recently and likely voter screens have not done a great job in predicting who would likely show up to the polls in the UK or US. Here two scholars offer a suggestion for improving modeling.

The very welcome Evonomics website has a very worthwhile article on social capital, economics, and the welfare state. I am currently enjoying Steve Keen’s “Debunking Economics” and Evonomics gives a similarly refreshing take on the dismal science.


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