Three To Read- Weekend Edition

Thomas Nagel, the philosopher, takes on drones in the LRB.

Robert Cialdini’s “Influence” was one of the most fun books that I ever read during my Master’s and this animated video on “The Art of Persuasion” nicely brings it to life. Still read the book, though!

Samuel Bowles, a smart economist at UMass Amherst, makes the case that economic institutions help shape tastes and preferences, not just the other way around. h/t to Mr Jeremy Shur for this one.

As it’s the weekend, here are a couple more:

I’ve read Matt Taibbi ever since he co-edited the eXile in Russia. As a frequent visitor (who once lived in St Petersburg), the eXile could be relied to treat many puffed-up Yeltsin-era apparatchiks with the derision they deserved. They also called B.S. on the mainstream press’ conviction that Yeltsin was pro-freedom. (Also their fight with former Ambassador Michael McFaul might be one of the funnier things that I have ever read). Anyway, here’s Taibbi with a belting piece on Sir Trumpalot.

Speaking of consistently good, Doug Henwood tears into the liberals tearing into Bernie in the Jacobin.


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