Three to Read- Trump Edition!

Will Mark Rubio send John Kasich a Christmas card this year? The underreported story of last night is that Kasich dropping out might have helped Rubio win Virginia, possibly win Vermont, and Rubio could beat Trump in Floria and Ohio (both winner-takes-all states), as well as states like Michigan, if Kasich were not in the race. I don’t think Rubio would topple Trump anyway, but the “establishment lane” wouldn’t be as stone dead as it looks now. Can someone- anyone– explain Kasich’s reasoning to me? Carson wants to sell books. What’s Kasich doing? Trump still the overwhelming favorite, but those Republicans calling for unity around Ted Cruz are probably those with the most sense now.

Anyhow, onto “Three to Read- Trump edition”!

Rick Wilson documents the rise of the “Vichy Republican”. He’s looking at you Chris Christie! h/t my friend Adam

How did Trump come to pass? Sean Trende does his usual excellent job. The media are, so often, the unacknowledged legislators of the world in both making and breaking political candidates and movements.

Forget Schelling! Move over, Jacques Hymans! If you want to understand Nuclear strategy, ask The Donald! (Just don’t ask him what the nuclear triad is…) h/t my friend Nick.

Bonus reads:

Following on from my first post of what a Trump-Hillary match-up might look like, the always-interesting Doug Henwood suggests that Hillary and co. are leaning towards a strategy of replacing lost working-class voters with “moderate” Republicans from the suburbs. If she pulls this off and wages continue to be flat, can I coin “backlash-squared” for 2020?

A history of letters to the Daily Telegraph. The more things change…





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