Three to Read- Now I am Old Edition

It was my birthday on Friday- just ask if you want a link to my Amazon wish list!- and I had a far too lovely a time to blog. If only Brentford hadn’t somehow contrived to lose against Charlton on Saturday, eh? Anyway, here’s three to read for today. Blog posts will be coming soon, I promise…

This is a lovely piece from the IMF (yes! “lovely” and “IMF”!) on the power of words when you are a Central Bank head. Are his breakfast orders considered delphic too?

George Lakoff- of ‘Don’t Think of an Elephant’ fame- on Trump and cognitive psychology. Most of it will be familiar to those who read Lakoff in post-Dean trauma in 2004, but the idea of frequency of metaphor activation being important was somehow new to me.

The tension between capitalism and democracy seems to be rearing its head in a few places lately- the GOP primary and the donor class, the EU debate, independent central banks and how effectively they work with or against elected governments. Here Wolfgang Streeck explores the links in admirable depth. An important read.


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