Three to Read- Weekend Edition

I am working on some things: one on Trump’s chances in a General; another on a contested convention; and another on the challenge for the centre-left post-2008. Andrew Ratcliffe has also suggested that I do some thinking on why U-Turns seem less politically costly than in the past. I am thinking of posting some initial hypotheses for why this might be the case and will ask for your feedback in terms of where to look for evidence and which one you think is most likely to be true.

In the meantime, here are three to read:

Knausgaard relates what it is like to witness live brain surgery.

The Weekly Standard covers Mike Murphy and his thoughts on running Jeb’s SuperPac. This section on Cruz might be my favorite:

‘As for Cruz, Murphy does not TrusTed and has no plans to fall in line with the man shaping up to be the Establishment’s hold-your-nose-and-kiss-your-sister Trump alternative: “I think he’s cynical, totally cynical. .  .  . I don’t think he could win a general election, so he’ll be wiped out. It’s a choice between Trump, who is terrible for the country, and Cruz, who is terrible for the party. He’s too smart for his act .  .  . and he’s probably pissed that a bigger con man showed up.”‘

Although his take on Kasich is pretty great too: ‘”He’s trying to start an opera club at a tractor pull.”‘

I’ve been a fan of Ryan Lizza since he was at TNR. Here is a savvy take on the future of the Democratic Party.


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