Three to Read- Bye Bye, Easter, Edition!

I hope you all had a fun, yet restful, Easter. I know I did! Here are today’s “three to read”

Jacobin Contra Vox on single-payer healthcare. The Ezra Klein “Health of Nations” piece was very influential on healthcare when I first read it in the American Prospect. That and the New Yorker’s Atul Gawande piece on the cost of care in McAllen, Texas, loom large as great pieces in the annals of America’s healthcare debate. At some point it would be nice to put together a little syllabus on key readings on different policy areas. Also, why are there not great British pieces like these? Or do I just miss them?

A very interesting piece on Rudolph Meidner, who I’d like to learn more about. In a world of r>g and graphs like this, some radical thinking on democratizing wealth is well overdue. Instead politicians seem intent on returning to a status quo ante that only delivered growth based on a debt superbubble to drive consumption. We face a choice between stagnation or new forms of generating and distributing prosperity.

A former employee laments the state of the UN and issues a bracing call for reform.

Bonus read: Christopher Hitchens on Red Rosa. I recently read the Verso-printed graphic novel [sic] biography which is also well worth your time.





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