Confirming the Contestation of the Contesting Convention Convention

There has been lots of talk of Paul Ryan coming in as a man on a white horse. This is unlikely. The delegate questions revolve almost entirely around whether Trump can win on the first round of voting or whether Cruz will be able to cobble together a “party unity” ticket with Kasich (and rewards to Rubio and others) in order to get himself a majority. Can Trump offer more than Cruz can to the delegates who will decide these things? It’d be a brave man or woman who could say with any confidence how this will play out. All we know is, things could get VERY ugly.


“Cruz wins Wisconsin but Trump wins the nomination. Here’s why. The narrative on national television says that establishment Republicans will seize control of the Rules Committee at the RNC and they will open the convention to nominations from the floor. It’s an unlikely scenario and even if it happens there’s a bigger problem. Any change […]

via Cruz wins Wisconsin, Trump wins nomination — Doug Wead The Blog


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