My Writing

I semi-regularly on TALKRadio and I still have my own IMDB page from when I was a kid, but….

My writing has been published in a variety of places, some of which are listed on my page:

On the electoral prospects of a Trump-Hillary match-up for Open Democracy

And Hillary’s messaging challenge ahead of her convention speech for the same publication.

On the U.S. Presidential Election for the New Statesman

On the London Riots in Commonweal

American politics, Russia and Beslan, and Turkmenistan for The Liberal magazine

International Relations and Simulations for International Studies Perspectives

The House of Lords and party donations for The Guardian and Observer where I was (totally correctly) called a “model activist intellectual“.

Ukraine, Nationalism and democratization, the U.S. 2014 midterm elections, 10 Best Books on Global Politics, and Money in politics for Hippo Reads

Economic Theory and History for the Social Liberal Forum

The Strange Death of Liberal England for Left Foot Forward

And others….. If you remember any, let me know!

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